Casa Launches Inheritance Product

Bitcoin collaborative custody platform Casa announced the launch of Casa Inheritance for its global customer base.

Casa Launches Inheritance Product
  • "We’re excited to introduce Casa Inheritance, which empowers Casa members on all our latest plans to share vault access with someone they trust to facilitate the generational transfer of digital assets," announced the company.
"Our approach to inheritance feels incredibly smooth and familiar. Invite your spouse or other designated Recipient to Casa, then share keys with them securely via the app. They won’t be able to use those keys to sign transactions until you’ve passed away."
  • Casa Inheritance is available worldwide, without requiring KYC information. This ensures privacy and accessibility for global users.

How it works

  1. Choose a Recipient and invite them to set up a free Casa account. 
  2. Once they accept your invite, you’ll share your encrypted mobile key with them via QR code. This also designates their account as able to request a signature from the Casa Recovery Key for your vault. 
  3. If/when the time comes, they can request access to your vault in the Casa app.
  4. After a six-month waiting period, during which we give you plenty of reminders to tell us “I’m not dead!”, vault access is unlocked for your Recipient. They can now use the mobile key and the Casa Recovery Key, which Casa stores on your behalf, for transactions.

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