Envoy Wallet v1.1.3: Standalone Wallet Functionality, Magic Backups

Envoy is a free and open source mobile Bitcoin wallet and a companion app for Passport, developed by Foundation.

Envoy Wallet v1.1.3: Standalone Wallet Functionality, Magic Backups
  • "We’re thrilled to announce a groundbreaking release of Envoy, our mobile companion app for Passport. This new update transforms Envoy into a standalone Bitcoin mobile wallet with powerful account management and privacy features."
  • "Not a Passport owner? This update introduces full Bitcoin wallet functionality on your iOS or Android phone. Use Envoy to store and spend your Bitcoin with strong security, privacy via Tor, and a streamlined setup experience."
"As a reminder, this is a hot wallet for spending on the go, not storing your life savings! For more security, we’ve engineered Passport from the ground up to be hyper-secure, airgapped, yet still easy to use and perfectly compatible with Envoy."
  • "Envoy introduces a new seed-less onboarding experience called Magic Backups."
  • "While Envoy users can of course manually handle seed words if desired, we aimed to engineer a solution that enables 60-second onboarding and automatic encrypted backups of Envoy’s private key and application data (such as settings and labels), with a full restore taking just two taps."
  • "Additionally, we wanted to ensure that Envoy does this without collecting any user data – no email address, no passwords, no IP address (with Tor is enabled) – no friction!"

Other changes

  • "Biometric/PIN authentication. Now you can protect your mobile wallet or Passport balances from prying eyes."
  • "Ability to swipe on accounts to hide balances while you’re on the go. For example, you can display your mobile wallet balance but hide your hardware wallet balance."
  • Envoy is available on iOS, Android (Play Store, F-Droid, GitHub)

"As you use Envoy as a mobile wallet, we’d love to hear from you – every issue, bug, or favorite feature! There are three main places you can go to give us feedback or get help with Envoy: Foundation Community Telegram channel, hello@foundationdevices.com, Direct message @FOUNDATIONdvcs on Twitter.

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