eNuts v0.3.1-beta: App Store Release

eNuts is a privacy-focused custodial wallet that not only allows you to perform lightning transactions but also private Ecash transactions using the Cashu protocol.

eNuts v0.3.1-beta: App Store Release
  • "If your access to the TestFlight Beta version has expired, do not delete the expired version and dm your email address for an invitation that will re-activate it so you can transfer your funds," said the project.
"After transferring the funds out of the deprecated Testflight, please delete the app and if you wish to continue using eNuts, then please install the new maintained TestFlight or app store version from the website enuts.cash."

Follow these instructions to extend your testflight beta and move your ecash to the app store version of eNuts.

‘eNuts’ Beta has expired / Tester removed - What should I do? · Issue #318 · cashubtc/eNuts
Describe the issue I can’t open my wallet: ‘eNuts’ Beta has expired. Got removed from Beta as a tester Solution This solution only works if you have not deleted the expired app. Follow this invitat…
  • REMINDER: "LNBits will shut down the demo server for cashu mints by the end of MARCH. All mints that start with https://legend.lnbits.com will not be available anymore (eNuts default mint is one of them)."
  • "Please move your funds to another mint ASAP or cash out via lightning. The eNuts app will not provide a default mint anymore and is not responsible for refunding lost funds."

What's changed

  • Minor changes related to the new TestFlight link
  • Added basic seed phrase backup
  • Official App Store release

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