Bisq v2.0.0 Is Now Live

Bisq 2 is the successor to the original Bisq (Bisq v1). It has been developed from the ground up to allow for multiple trade protocols to be accessed via a single decentralized exchange platform.

Bisq v2.0.0 Is Now Live
  • "We're thrilled to announce the long-awaited launch of Bisq 2," announced the project.
"The latest version of our decentralized exchange platform is now live and available for download. Bisq 2 brings a host of new features, improvements, and enhancements to make your trading experience even better."
  • Download Bisq2 here.

Key features

  • Bisq 2 is a desktop application that works across platforms.
  • Bisq 2 allows users to choose between multiple trading protocols to find the best fit for their preference. Aspects like privacy and security, convenience, costs and trade duration will differ and the user can make the choice.
  • Bisq 2 is a peer-to-peer network the enables users to find people to trade with, make and take offers to buy and sell bitcoin, communicate with their trading peers and when necessary access support.
  • Bisq 2 is privacy focused, no verified accounts or KYC will be required and run over the Tor network (as well as I2P in future).
  • Bisq 2 is self custodial. Your keys are always under your control.
  • Bisq 2 is open source (AGPL) and built and maintained by contributors who form the Bisq DAO.

What's new and coming in v2

  • Multiple Trade Protocols. "At the initial launch of Bisq 2 will support only one trading protocol 'Bisq Easy'. Over time more trading protocols will be added."

The follow trade protocols are on the roadmap:

    • Bisq Easy: Reputation based trading with no security deposit requirements (included in the intitial launch)
    • Bisq Multisig: Similar to the current trade protocol used by Bisq 1 but with some improvements
    • Submarine Swaps: Atomic swap of LN BTC <-> mainnet BTC
    • Liquid Submarine Swaps: Atomic swap of LN BTC <-> Liquid BTC
    • Liquid Multisig: Bisq Multisig ported to Liquid network with faster confirmation, lower fees and better privacy (confidential transactions)
    • Bisq Lightning: LN BTC <-> Fiat (chain of multiple protocols: Liquid Submarine Swaps, Liquid Multisig)
    • Liquid Swaps: Atomic swap of Liquid BTC <-> Liquid assets like L-USDT
    • BSQ Swaps: Atomic swap of BSQ <-> BTC
    • Monero Swaps: Cross chain atomic swap of BTC <-> XMR
  • Multiple privacy networks. "Bisq 2 will support multiple privacy networks. Initially it will only support Tor but I2P support is already implemented but in an experimental state. Upcoming privacy networks like Nym could be added in future if they fit the requirements."
  • Multiple Identities. "Bisq 2 will allow to create multiple identities, giving the user more control and better privacy. The user can choose between the highest level of convenience and use just one global identity for all interactions (like Bisq 1) or at the other extreme use a separate identity for any type of interaction (e.g. use a different identity for each trade as well as for each chat room). And anything in between (separating fiat and altcoin trades,...)."
  • Multiple applications. "The reference implementation will be the Bisq 2 JavaFx desktop application. But there is also ongoing work on a HTML interface with a headless application to be used on personal Node projects like Start9, Umbrel, MyNode,...Beside that there will be a REST API (useful for trading bots,...). Bisq Easy can be implemented as a mobile app (at least for Android there are no conceptual or technical hurdles)."
  • Multiple wallets. "At launch time Bisq 2 will not include a wallet, but work is underway to support multiple wallet options. Bitcoin core as full wallet is already implemented (but not exposed in the UI). For users who do not want to run a full Bitcoin node, there will be a light wallet option. Currently Electrum is implemented but we might change to another solution."
    • "For the different trade protocols there will be the specific wallets requires. E.g. for Liquid the Elements wallet is already integrated. For Monero Swaps we need to provide an interface for using the Monero wallet. Find out more about the Bisq 2 wallet."
  • Bonded Roles. "In Bisq 2 having set up a BSQ bond is mandatory for most roles and node operators and enforced by the system."

Learn more about Bisq 2 here.

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