eNuts v0.0.4-beta: Smoother, More Reliable Experience

eNuts is a Cashu wallet for Android and iOS.

eNuts v0.0.4-beta: Smoother, More Reliable Experience
  • "eNuts App v0.0.4 is here with important fixes: missing history entries resolved, enhanced QR scanning, and more. Experience a smoother, more reliable eNuts. Hide your nuts with a tap!"
  • "Bigger updates & major improvements are cooking for v0.0.5!"

What's changed

New features

Bug fixes

  • Hide tx history also shows no txs yet by @KKA11010 in #197
  • Missing history entry after claiming back from the history entry by @KKA11010 in #198
  • Fix go back to scan qr screen does not open device camera by @KKA11010 in #203
  • Fixes can't go back after disallowing camera access by @KKA11010 in #205
  • Update the melting process by @KKA11010 in #190
  • Fixes trust popup while pasting token in dashboard on ios by @KKA11010 in #208
  • auto-check LN payment in invoice screen by @KKA11010 in #210
  • Fix send ecash over contacts screen by @KKA11010 in #211
  • fix multimint swap from the mint management screen by @KKA11010 in #215
  • Wrong swipe back after token creation by @KKA11010 in #217
  • Fixes fee re-calculation on amount change by @KKA11010 in #218
  • Improve UX while scanning token and claiming after app comes to foreground by @KKA11010 in #221

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