Corrupt Politician Elizabeth Warren Continues to Spread Disinformation to Build Support for Unconstitutional Bitcoin Surveillance Bills

Warren sent a strongly-worded letter to Coinbase, Blockchain Association & Coin Center asking about the extent to which they employ ex-military officials and ex-members of Congress while stating that US Bitcoin advocacy groups "undermine bipartisan efforts in Congress and the Biden administration."

Corrupt Politician Elizabeth Warren Continues to Spread Disinformation to Build Support for Unconstitutional Bitcoin Surveillance Bills
  • "I write regarding a troubling new report that your association and other crypto interests are “flexing a not-so secret weapon: a small army of former defense, national security and law enforcement officials”1 to work on your behalf to undermine bipartisan efforts in Congress and the Biden Administration to address the role of cryptocurrency in financing Hamas and other terrorist organizations," states the letter signed by Warren.
  • The narrative that Bitcoin provides material support to Hamas, however, has been disproven as numerous blockchain surveillance firms contest the Wall Street Journal claims of extensive crypto funding that Warren cites in her letter, saying the actual amount is in the thousands of dollars rather than tens of millions.
  • Elizabeth Warren also fails to see any issues in her impossible proposals to extend Bank Secrecy Act regulations to free and open source software, stating that "the response of the crypto industry appears to be focused on delaying and denying new rules that would restrict crypto’s use by terrorists and criminals."
“This abuse of the revolving door is appalling, revealing that the crypto industry is spending millions to give itself a veneer of legitimacy while fighting tooth and nail to stonewall common sense rules designed to restrict the use of crypto for terror financing — rules that could cut into crypto company profits It also reveals significant gaps in the nation’s ethics laws,” Warren wrote.
  • Warren also added the following list of information she wants to know from the companies addressed in the letter.
  • Coinbase head of U.S. policy Kara Calvert said the national security and law enforcement experts that the crypto exchange employs “do not deserve to be maligned as they work to keep our nation strong and safe.”
"Engaging like-minded experts to advocate against legislative proposals that one sincerely believes are unconstitutional and detrimental to the nation's welfare does not constitute 'undermining bipartisan efforts in Congress.' Rather, it is the exercise of the fundamental right to freely associate and petition the government. It’s everyone’s right and no one should apologize for doing it. Resorting to questioning motives often reflects an inability to prevail on the merits of an argument itself," stated CoinCenter in response.
  • "People are drawn to work in the crypto industry because they value freedom, sovereignty of the individual, and permissionless innovation," said Blockchain Association's CEO Kristin Smith.

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