BTCPay Server v1.12.0: Improvements, PoS Enhancements & More

"We are excited to announce the latest release of BTCPay Server, version 1.12.0! This release brings several important backend changes, solidifies structure for the future, introduces several new features, improvements, and bug fixes."

BTCPay Server v1.12.0: Improvements, PoS Enhancements & More
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  • "With this release we upgrade to .NET 8, which also requires a current version of the Docker engine for docker deployments (>= 20.10.10). We will try to migrate outdated versions when upgrading BTCPay Server, but if you see these symptoms after updating, please upgrade Docker engine manually."
"We changed a lot of things under the hood, making the Lightning integrations extendible by plugins and also preparing the migration of Altcoins to plugins. If you are using plugins, you will most likely find them disabled after this update, because new versions compatible with BTCPay Server v1.12 are required. Please see the "Manage Plugins" section once updated."
  • "We are ending support for Postgresql 11 as it reached 5 years after its initial release. Read more about end-of-life (EOL) of postgresql. While Postgresql 11 should still work with BTCPay Server, we will not keep compatibility moving forward."

What's new


  • Webhooks: Support for Payment Requests, Payouts and extendibility by plugins (#5421@Kukks
  • Support BIP129 Multisig wallet import (#5389@Kukks
  • POS Keypad: Add plus and change clear functionality (#5396@dennisreimann @dstrukt
  • Forms: Support adjusting invoice amount by multiplier, enables percentage-based discount codes (#5463@Kukks
  • Can pair or reset a Boltcard to a pull payment (#5419@NicolasDorier
  • Plugins: Allow scheduling installs/updates of future plugins (#5537@Kukks

Bug fixes


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