Electrum v4.4.1: Bug Fixes

Electrum is a lightweight Bitcoin wallet for all desktop platforms and Android.

Electrum v4.4.1: Bug Fixes

Release notes

  • Qt GUI:

    - fix sweeping (#8340)
    - fix send tab input_qr_from_camera (#8342)
    - fix crash reporter showing if send fails on typical errors (#8312)
    - bumpfee: disallow targeting an abs fee. only allow feerate (#8318)
  • QML GUI:

    - fix offline-signing or co-signing pre-segwit txs (#8319)
    - add option to show onchain address in ReceiveDetailsDialog (#8331)
    - fix strings unique to QML did not get localized/translated (#8323)
    - allow paying bip21 uri onchain that has both onchain and bolt11
    if we cannot pay on LN (#8334, 312e50e9)
    - virtual keyboard: make buttons somewhat larger (75e65c5c)
    - fix(?) Android crash with some OS-accessibility settings (#8344)
    - fix channelopener.connectStr qr scan popping under (#8335)
    - fix restoring from old mpk (watchonly for "old" seeds) (#8356)
  • libsecp256k1: add runtime support for 0.3.x, bump bundled to 0.3.1
  • forbid paying to "http:" lnurls (enforce https or .onion) (1b5c7d46)
  • fix wallet.bump_fee "decrease payment" erroring on too high target
    fee rate (#8316)
  • fix performance regressions in tx logic (ee521545, 910832c1)
  • fix "recursion depth exceeded" for utxo privacy analysis (#8315)

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