EIA Terminates 'Emergency' Bitcoin Miner Survey But Will Replace It With a New Notice

The parties involved in the lawsuit came to an agreement, according to a notice filed on Friday.

EIA Terminates 'Emergency' Bitcoin Miner Survey But Will Replace It With a New Notice
  • "The EIA will voluntarily terminate the illegal EIA-862 collection action they initiated, and they will commit to destroying all the information that they have received and may still receive under the EIA-862. Furthermore, they will also cancel and withdraw the February 9th, 2024 notice for collection, replacing it with a new Notice," writes Colin Crossman for Bitcoin Magazine.
"This new notice will run for a full 60 days from the date it is released in the Federal Register, and the EIA also has consented to ensure that any comments which have been received on the Feb. 9th notice will be incorporated and considered in the new notice."
  • "As a lovely cherry on top, the Government will also reimburse the Texas Blockchain Council & Riot Platforms, Inc., for $2,199.45 of court costs and attorney’s fees," was stated in the article.
"We’re hopeful we can work with companies in the cryptocurrency mining industry to provide the American public with a clear understanding of energy use from cryptocurrency mining operations in the United States, much in the same way we do with other industries," the EIA told The Block. 
  • “The government demanding—and promising to publish—sensitive business information, in the face of criminal penalties, is a threat to free enterprise everywhere. We are glad to now have an enforceable order that prevents them from doing so,” said TCE President Lee Bratcher.
  • The Texas Blockchain Council and Riot Platforms sued the Department of Energy last week after the Energy Information Administration announced in February that it would begin surveying bitcoin mining firms following an "emergency collection of data request."

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