Ditto: A Nostr Community Server

Ditto is a Nostr server for building resilient communities online. With Ditto, you can create your own social network that is decentralized, customizable, and free from ads and tracking. It has a built-in Nostr relay, a web UI, and it implements Mastodon's REST API.

Ditto: A Nostr Community Server
  • "It's finally here. After a year of work, I'm pleased to announce the first release of Ditto," announced Alex Gleason in a blog post.
  • Ditto comes with a built-in Nostr relay, a web UI, and it implements Mastodon's REST API. It also has moderation features, spam filters, NIP-05 self-service, quote posts, emojis, and zaps. Since Ditto implements the Mastodon API, it can work with any Mastodon app.
"The scope of this project is absolutely huge. It aims to take everything that's good about Mastodon and implement it on Nostr, with none of the downsides," said Gleason.
  • "The most important thing about Ditto is the ability for people to freely build, manage, and monetize their communities on Nostr. We're lauching Ditto with three flagship servers to kickstart community development:
    • Ditto.pub is the official flagship server of Ditto, running the stable latest version.
    • Henhouse.social is a women-only Ditto community opperated by M. K. Fain, owner of the largest feminist server on the Fediverse.
    • Gleasonator.dev is the primary development server for Soapbox and Ditto. Join it to test out all the latest features before they are launched to the public!

What's next

  • Bug and UX improvements
  • Performance and stability
  • Improve compatability with Mastodon apps
  • Fix server downtime when relays restart
  • Improve Alby support for multiple accounts
  • Buy NIP-05 usernames with zaps
  • Improve support for Mastodon apps
  • Digital item shop for profile customization
  • Direct Messages

Read the docs to set up your own server.

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