Good Morning Bitcoin - Monday, July 8, 2024

Good Morning Bitcoin is a daily news roundup covering key stories, project updates, releases, guides, research and other Bitcoin and freedom tech-related topics.

Good Morning Bitcoin - Monday, July 8, 2024

GM! Happy low fee Monday, Bitcoin aficionados. Let's kickstart this week with the latest news in the world of Bitcoin and freedom tech, and catch up on everything you might have missed over the weekend.

What's happening

  • The US Government has agreed to release Samourai Wallet founder William Lonergan Hill (TDev) on bail. Hill is expected to appear in the Southern District of New York on July 9th or 10th, 2024.
  • Satoshi Nakamoto Institute, Mi Primer Bitcoin, and Summer of Bitcoin projects have been awarded grants from the newly launched OpenSats Education Initiative. Educators, developers, and advocates are welcome to apply for grants here.
  • Value for value podcasting app Fountain is working on integrating the Nostr protocol. According to Fountain's Oscar Merry, this will port all of Fountain's social features to Nostr, including profiles, followers and following, feeds, and comments.
  • Brink, a non-profit dedicated to supporting Bitcoin developers, welcomed River's CEO & CTO Alexander Leishman to its board.
  • Super Testnet is organizing a Nostr workshop for those interested in learning how to write their first Nostr application.

Tools and updates

  • RoboSats v0.6.3-alpha, the latest release for the peer-to-peer lightning-based bitcoin exchange, includes manual addition of new RoboSats coordinators, a feature-rich notifications endpoint, performance enhancements, improved API documentation, and a toggle for Android users to enable or disable the built-in Tor node when using the app with Orbot.
  • lnp2pBot v0.10.6, a peer-to-peer Lightning network trading bot working on Telegram now features an updated installation guide, improvements to the /cancelall command, and bug fixes.
  • Nix-bitcoin v0.0.109: The update includes a patch for the signal handler race condition CVE found in OpenSSH's server (sshd) and several software updates.
  • HiveTalk, a Lightning and Nostr-enhanced web app for real-time video calls has open-sourced its code under the AGPL-3.0 license.
"The goal of this project is to get a working zoom/jitsi equivalent with no data collection of calls and with as much privacy as possible," said HiveTalk's developer bitkarrot.
  • Sequentia, an upcoming Bitcoin sidechain based on a fork of Elements, announced the launch of a signet and a demo walkthrough.
  • Sparkhub by Sulu: The API monetization platform has introduced Bitcoin top-ups via Lightning.
  • Bounty Announcement: a 1 million sats bounty is offered for creating an Instagram-like UX for Amethyst.
  • Voyage v0.7.0, a lightweight nostr client for Android with a Reddit-like UI, now supports profile and topic lists.
  • released part 1 of its new referral system.
  • Spaces Protocol, a naming protocol for scalable and permissionless Bitcoin identities is now available for testing on testnet3.
  • Nostrduino v1.2.4, nostr-tools inspired library for Arduino (and other) microcontrollers, has been released.
  • BTCPay Server Payroll plugin v0.1.4 brings the ability to make invoice upload optional.
  • Alby Hub v1.0.2, an app for controlling your Lightning node or wallet via Nostr Wallet Connect (NWC), now features themes, the ability to buy extra receiving capacity, and a helpful hub health indicator on the renamed Node page.

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