Current App v0.1.2: UI Improvements & More

Current App is a react-native client on top of the Nostr protocol that comes with a built-in Lightning wallet. Available on iOS and Android.

Current App v0.1.2: UI Improvements & More
  • "We're thrilled to unveil Version 0.1.2 of Current App, designed especially for our dedicated users."
  • "Highlights include a revamped settings menu, enhanced post interaction with haptic feedback, a slew of bug fixes, an updated 'New Post' button location, a refreshed home feed design, and improvements in the importing process."

What's new

  • "A Reimagined Settings Experience: Experience our settings in a whole new light with a revamped interface and a super-intuitive menu layout."
  • "Elevated Post Interaction: The 'more' button has transformed! Engage with your favorite posts with improved like and repost buttons. Plus, the haptic feedback is sure to give your interactions a real-feel touch."
  • "Bugs, Be Gone!: No more irksome glitches while commenting or following. We've fine-tuned those issues, ensuring a smoother experience."
  • "Post with Flair: Our 'New Post' button has a trendy new spot in the feed. And when the muse strikes, an improved posting screen is ready for your creativity. Tagging friends for shoutouts? Simpler than ever!"
  • "A Refreshed Home Feed Design: We've subtly tweaked the buttons next to posts because, as we always believe, it's the small changes that often make the biggest impact."
  • "Smooth Importing Process: Importing followers and relay lists is now hiccup-free. Thank you for pointing it out, and yes, we listened!"

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