Countries Where Internet Access Has Been Restricted At Least Once

Autocratic governments around the world are increasingly turning to internet blackouts and censorship to maintain their rule, prevent the dissemination of information and to impede organizational efforts.

Countries Where Internet Access Has Been Restricted At Least Once
  • The arrest of former prime minister Imran Khan in Pakistan last week has led to nationwide uproar and protests, which resulted in military intervention, 3 casualties and at least 945 arrests. The government also put restrictions on internet access.
  • "Pakistan is one of many countries around the world whose government has taken the step to disrupt internet services in response to some kind of civil unrest or political event."
  • "Before the latest disruption, a database by Surfshark had recorded 12 cases in Pakistan - five due to protests, one an election and 6 connected to general political turmoil."
  • "India has the highest number of internet restrictions, with 108, the majority of which (83) were connected to protests."

Continental statistics

  • "Africa has been one of the the most affected by internet censorship by the proportion of the population. 8 out of 10 (76.8%) Africans have felt internet and social media shutdowns", which amounts to more than 1bn people.
  • Asia: "India and its administered Jammu and Kashmir account for the majority (almost 76%) of internet censorship cases; the cases are related to protests, elections, and other political turmoil."
  • The censorship efforts in Asia touched 90% of continent's population, or nearly ~4,2 billion individuals.
  • Europe: "most European internet censorship cases were registered in autocratic countries. Russia accounts for 60% - and Belarus for 27% - of all registered internet censorship cases."
  • "North America ranks 2nd as the continent with the fewest countries (2 out of 23) affected by internet censorship. Cuba accounts for 89% in the continent."
  • "Governments of South America’s most populous nations tend to control internet access more often. 40% of SA countries imposed online censorship, but those restrictions affected 60% of the continental population, aka 260 million individuals."
  • Oceania: "Even though threats were made, there is no evidence of countries in Oceania ever restricting internet services due to protests, elections, or other political turmoil."

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