Corny Chat v2024.05: UI Improvements, NWC Support

Corny Chat is an open source audio space built on Jam that integrates Nostr and Lightning. A publicly running instance of Corny Chat is accessible at

Corny Chat v2024.05: UI Improvements, NWC Support
  • "The following enhancements were made during May 2024. Special Thanks to all the Corny Chat regulars to help test, find bugs and provide feedback," announced @vicariousdrama.

What's new

User Interface

  • Start page now has tabs for live rooms, users rooms (My Rooms) and scheduled events.
  • Start new Room will now initialize with Tutorial slides as guidance.
  • New My Rooms page added:
    • User can see a list of all rooms they are a member of by deviceid and npub.
    • User can remove themself from any room they are in.
    • A room left without an owner will promote the first moderator as owner.
    • A room left without any owners or moderators will be hard deleted.
  • Enter Room ads are now smaller and centered.
  • Personal settings:
    • Refactored into expandable/collapsible groups.
    • Add additional doorbells and preview playback.
    • Add toggle for displaying peer avatar or name in text chat.
    • Added support for Nostr Wallet Connect (NWC).
    • NWC enabled users may opt in to support the service to forego ads.
    • NWC enabled users may opt in to auto-tip the room they are in if enabled.
  • Avatar cards:
    • Now check nostr npub for room role level.
    • Fix image URI of mature accounts that used legacy paths.
  • User Profile display:
    • Nostr users can now assign custom petnames (NIP81) to other users.
    • Fix for list cache invalidating prematurely, forcing data fetch on view.
    • Zap/Lightning button is now only depicted if the user has a lightning address.
  • Maintenance Message:
    • Can now appear on screen to inform users of planned maintenance.
  • Text Chat enhancements:
    • Unread indicator when the chat is not open and message received.
    • An ad may appear every 15 minutes, unless user opts to support.
    • Ads that appear may now have hyperlinks.
    • V4V payments are now reported to the text chat in an orange color.
  • Room settings enhancement:
    • Owner can set room to announce as nostr live activity.
    • Owners, Moderators, and Speakers may now be assigned via npub.
    • Corny Chat Slide set may now be deleted on the import screen.
    • Corny Chat Link set may now be deleted on the import screen.
  • Room Tips:
    • Fix: Private rooms with a lightning address no longer crash on tipping.


  • Nostr Npub supported in revamped access control checks.
  • Nostr Live Events are published/updated periodically for enabled rooms.
  • Restriction added to room definition and required fields.
  • Support for smaller ad size retrieval, and denoting if it has a link
  • Integrated Announcement Bot into the backend to announce rooms.
  • Add endpoint to return ad report.
  • Add endpoint to return list of rooms a user is in, and their role.
  • Fixed server crash bug when a public room was emptied of all users.


  • Documented use of more kinds on data types page.
  • Additional known supporters added to the about page.
  • Fixed image tag names for the pantry-sfu in the install and update guidance.

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