Core Lightning v23.08.1: Bugfix Release

This is a "bugfix release for bad issues found since 23.08 which can't wait for 23.11, and some minor low-impact fixes (e.g. docker images, documentation, CI)."

Core Lightning v23.08.1: Bugfix Release
  • There are "no major fixes, but many minor ones (esp. renepay!).  Plus documentation improvements," said Rusty Russell on Twitter.

What's new

  • JSON-RPC: Fixed a wrong number type being used in routes (#6642) and showrunes on a specific rune would always say stored: false. (#6640)
  • clnrest now works on MacOS (#6605)
  • Build: test for python3 or python, rather than assuming python3 (#6630)
  • Plugins: renepay: various minor fixes. (#6632)

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