Core Lightning v23.05 Released

Core Lightning is a lightweight, highly customizable and standard compliant implementation of the Lightning Network protocol.

Core Lightning v23.05 Released

Highlights for Users

  • NEW commando-blacklist and commando-listrunes RPCs for blacklisting and listing stored runes.
  • NEW feerates added 2 new options as "minimum" and NN"blocks". Use explicit block counts or slow/normal/urgent/minimum.
  • listclosedchannels RPC to show old, dead channels.
  • reckless added support for node.js plugin installation and for networks beyond bitcoin and regtest.
  • Spending unilateral close transactions now use dynamic fees based on deadlines (and RBF), instead of fixed fees.
  • More bug fixes and improved logging.

Highlights for the Network

  • Blinded payments are now supported by default.
  • Now always double-check bitcoin addresses are correct (no memory errors!) before issuing them.
  • Allow slight overpaying, even with MPP, as spec now recommends.

Highlights for Developers

  • Removed msat suffix from all millisatoshi fields, as deprecated in v0.12.0.
  • PSBTv2 support; all APIs now support both v0 & v2.
  • NEW methods listpeerchannels, listclosedchannels, decode and decodepay from RPC to grpc mapping.
  • Improvements on the python gossmap implementation.
  • The mTLS private keys are no longer group-readable.
  • Added NEW command makerune in hsmtool to make a master rune for the node.
  • NEW setpsbtversion command to aid debugging and compatibility.
  • cln-rpc anc cln-grpc can now work with a range of versions.

"Since 23.02.2, we've had 265 commits by 17 authors over 59 days."

A special thanks to the 2 first time contributors:

"For a list of all changes, please see the changelog."

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