Coracle v0.3.0: Faster Feeds, Better Navigation, NIP-89 App Store

"Coracle is a web client for the Nostr protocol focused on pushing the boundaries of what's unique about nostr, including relay selection and management, web-of-trust based moderation, content recommendations, and privacy protection."

Coracle v0.3.0: Faster Feeds, Better Navigation, NIP-89 App Store
  • "After just over a month of no updates, Coracle 0.3.0 is now available!"
  • "To give you an idea of why it took so long, here's the diff summary: > 166 files changed, 6718 insertions(+), 5118 deletions(-)," wrote Hodlbod.

What's new

  • "The entire fetching layer has once again been rewritten, resulting in faster and more complete data everywhere, particularly feeds. I hope to open source around 3k lines of this goodness after some further refinement."
  • "Navigation has also had a refresh, thanks to @tanel  et al's feedback in a nest last week. You can now see your profile in the header, and search/scan are available right there without having to visit a new page."
  • "I also managed to finally re-build Coracle's app store around NIP-89, including recommendations from your social graph."
  • "Note publishing also gives you more information about which relays accepted the note, with a retry button if publishing fails."
  • NIP 05 "verification" has been removed, instead showing follow status."
  • "Chat and DMs have had some love as well, including better new message notifications, and image uploads. You can also add more than one image to regular notes as well."
  • "One of my favorite new features is the optional "thread" view which you can open from a deep reply. This will trace the thread from that note back to the root and show all ancestors without nesting."


  • Faster login and initial load
  • Faster and more complete feed loading
  • More bandwidth-sensitive notifications fetching
  • Fewer missing profile badges
  • Use NIP 89 for app recommendations
  • Add support for kinds filter in advanced search
  • Add support for displaying kinds 0, 3, 10002
  • Add detailed summary of relays a note was published to
  • Emphasize follow status instead of nip05 addresses
  • Add image uploads to chat
  • Add new thread view
  • Removed profile popover, click on a person's name to find mute and follow buttons
  • Add configurable imgproxy url
  • Show hover state on icon buttons
  • Re-work navigation, put search in nav
  • Add word count to new note
  • Add support for attaching multiple images to a note
  • Fix note parsing when parentheses are involved
  • Fix person detail layout on small screens
  • Fix chat/dm header
  • Fix lots of bugs

"Thanks for sticking with me! Let me know if you run into any problems, you can message me on nostr, or you can file an issue at

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