COLDCARD Mk4 v6.21X Edge Firmware Released

Edge is an experimental firmware for Coldcard Mk4, dedicated to developers and advanced users.

COLDCARD Mk4 v6.21X Edge Firmware Released

Disclaimer: This preview version of firmware has not yet been qualified and tested to the same standard as normal Coinkite products. It is recommended only for developers and early adopters for experimental use. DO NOT use for large Bitcoin amounts.

What's new

  • Enroll Miniscript wallet via USB (requires ckcc v1.4.0).
  • Temporary Seed from COLDCARD encrypted backup.
  • Enhancement: Add current temporary seed to Seed Vault from within Seed Vault menu. If current active temporary seed is not saved yet, Add current tmp menu item is present in Seed Vault menu.
  • Reorg: 12 Words menu option preferred on the top of the menu in all the seed menus
  • Enhancement: Mainnet/Testnet separation. Only show wallets for current active chain.
  • Contains all the changes from the newest stable 5.2.0-mk4 firmware.

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