Update: Customer Data May Have Leaked From a 3rd Party Shipping Provider - Blockstream

Blockstream is investigating a phishing campaign targeting some (but not all) users who made purchases via Blockstream store.

Update: Customer Data May Have Leaked From a 3rd Party Shipping Provider - Blockstream
A screenshot of an email from the targeted phishing campaign.

October 27, 2023 Update

  • "We want to provide you with an update on the phishing campaign targeting Blockstream Store buyers and some other ecosystem companies."
"Our investigation indicates that customer data may have been exposed by either a breach or a leak from a third-party shipping provider. This leak included emails, but we can’t rule out that telephone numbers and shipping addresses may also have been taken at the same time."
  • "Your funds are safe, but please be vigilant and careful to never click on links in emails or support messages, to never enter seed words into websites nor provide them to anyone. Blockstream staff will never ask for your seed words and no one legitimate will either, your seed words must remain secret to you at all times."
  • "Blockstream is actively collaborating with other Bitcoin and cryptocurrency companies that rely on shipping services to alert them to be vigilant to similar possible breaches."
  • "Unfortunately, shipping providers inherently need to know shipping information, so there appears to be no simple, robust solution to this generalized problem."
"We are actively collaborating with other companies to take-down the ongoing phishing campaign. So far via the registrar, we were able to deactivate and then take possession of the http://secure-blockstream.com domain, which was implicated in the phishing efforts."
  • "Please send us any further information you see relating to this phishing attack, which you feel may help investigation to support@blockstream.com."

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Phishing campaign

  • "A phishing email is being sent out impersonating Blockstream. As we investigate, please remember:

1 ) DO NOT click on any suspicious emails claiming to be from Blockstream. Blockstream will NEVER ask for personal information via email.

2) NEVER enter your seed phrase online or share it with anyone, even if they claim to be from the Blockstream support team."

"We are still investigating the issue. Early indicators, like customers who made purchases from our store not receiving emails, suggest this could be a targeted phishing attempt against Bitcoin users or a broader spam campaign."
  • "Similar emails from the same source are also targeting services from several companies that have previously offered Bitcoin-related products."

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