Breez SDK Core v0.1.2: Optimizations, Simpler API & More

"The Breez SDK enables mobile developers to integrate Lightning and bitcoin payments into their apps with a very shallow learning curve."

Breez SDK Core v0.1.2: Optimizations, Simpler API & More
  • "Crucially, this SDK is an end-to-end, non-custodial, drop-in solution powered by Greenlight, a built-in LSP, on-chain interoperability, third-party fiat on-ramps, and other services users and operators need."

What's new

Performance & Optimizations

  • Faster startup time (less than a second for the SDK to be ready for payment)
  • Reduce TLS handshakes to greenlight by using one gRPC connection.

Simpler API

  • Introducing connect method for Simple initialization. One initialization code for all cases (register, recover, existing)


  • Seamless realtime backups
  • Sending on-chain (reverse swap).


  • Added support for golang, csharp and python.

What's Changed

Full Changelog: 0.1.1...0.1.2

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