Amethyst v0.68.1: Classifieds, Settings Page

Amethyst is a Nostr client for Android devices.

Amethyst v0.68.1: Classifieds, Settings Page

Latest Amethyst updates include:

  • "Much requested Settings page with a few key options that apply to all users in the app."
  • "Early support for classifieds, a Nostr-native replacement for Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace. To create new items, please use other clients like for now."
  • "Early support for custom emojis in reactions. Add your preferred collection on to your user and those collections will be displayed as options to you on the Reaction setup screen (click and hold the like button)."

v0.68.1:  Settings Page

  • Adds Settings for (by @greenart7c3)
    - The default language of the app
    - The default theme of the app
    - If it loads images automatically or not
    - If it loads URL previews automatically or not
    - If it plays videos automatically or not
  • Updates to the Japanese translations by @akiomik

v0.68.0: Classifieds

  • Adds Support for Classifieds (nostr-protocol/nips#662)
  • Adds Japanese Translations by @npub1f5uuywemqwlejj2d7he6zjw8jz9wr0r5z6q8lhttxj333ph24cjsymjmug
  • BugFix to cut multiple emojis from reactions
  • BugFix to remove emoji package list selection from Profile threads.

v0.67.1: Bugfixes

  • When clicking in a repost of a note, redirects the user to the note directly, not to the repost.
  • Adjustments to allow removing of the selected emoji packs from the reaction setup dialog.

v0.67.0: Custom Emoji Reactions

  • Support for Emoji Packs
  • Support for Personal Emoji Lists
  • Support for Custom emoji Reactions

v0.66.7: Bugfixes

  • Fixes race condition when deleting a reposted event
  • Fixes a crash when a lightning service returns an emtpy pr field.
  • Fixes images going over text in a markdown rendering
  • Early support for displaying custom emoji reactions
  • Updates exoplayer version
  • Makes nav(route) threaded operation
  • Refactoring of Badge Box codes and Time classes
  • Adds rendering of community approval posts to the NoteMaster of a thread
  • Updates Tamil translations by @AutumnSunshine

v0.66.5: Content-Warning in Video Feed

  • Adds content-warning toggle when sending an image.
  • Toggle marks the media event (NIP-94 or NIP-95) as content-sensitive
  • Change renderers in chat, communities, feed, and stores to show a warning before the image is displayed.

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