Boltz Backend v3.3.0 & Web App v1.1.2 Released enables non-custodial swaps between different Bitcoin layers.

Boltz Backend v3.3.0 & Web App v1.1.2 Released

The latest Boltz updates include:

  • CLN and hold invoice integration into backend;
  • Increased swap limits to 0.25 BTC across all pairs;
  • Reduced Liquid minimal swap amount to 1k sats.
  • Upgraded LND to v0.17.0 with smooth balancing and failover between LND & CLN;
  • Lightning payment reliability improvements to various wallets, especially Phoenix/ACINQ;
  • Increased invoice expiry to give users more time for swap completion;
  • Backend integration in monitoring suite (Grafana, Promotheus, Loki);
  • Preparation for RSK Swaps.

What's new in Backend v3.3.0


  • Increase routing offset based on amount (#372)
  • GRPC command to unblind outputs of a transaction (#373)
  • CLN hld invoice plugin
  • CLN SCB backup plugin
  • MPP support for CLN hold invoice plugin
  • GRPC for hold invoice plugin
  • Improve hold gRPC error handling
  • Track hold invoice state via gRPC
  • Hold gRPC steam to track all invoices
  • Routing hints in hold invoice plugin (#375)
  • CLN integration in backend
  • Save creation date of hold invoices
  • GRPC SSL for hold invoice plugin
  • Support for multiple wallets/nodes in gRPC
  • Upload SCB backup on plugin startup
  • Switch between LND and CLN based on referral (#379)
  • GetRoute in hold plugin for specifying max CLTV
  • Apply CLTV exceptions to routing hints
  • Query swapinfo by more columns (#399)
  • Fallback for timeouts when creating invoices (#398)
  • Separate notification channel for alerts (#400)
  • Use satcomma to format notification amounts (#403)
  • Max unused wallet balance alert (#405)
  • Forbid swaps to our own lightning nodes
  • Loki transport for logger (#410)
  • Race all locking lightning client calls
  • Log and send notification for client status changes
  • Prometheus metrics
  • RSK integration
  • Configurable expiry of reverse swap invoices (#422)
  • Save hold HTLC information in datastore
  • Query listholdinvoices by invoice
  • Prevent invoice overpayment in hold plugin
  • Throw error when creating invoices with hash length != 32

Bug Fixes

  • Custom integration test runner for CI
  • Higher invoice CLTV offset for Reverse Swaps
  • Connect nodes for hold invoice test
  • Skipped hold invoice plugin tests
  • Too short CLTV expiry hold plugin test
  • Python plugin integration tests on CI
  • CLN to LND short channel id conversion
  • Various CLN bugs (#378)
  • CLN pay status gRPC
  • Duplicate CLN pay calls
  • Startup without LND
  • Route querying for CLN
  • Nested arrays in routing hints endpoint
  • Use correct lightning node to query route CLTV estimations
  • Check for paid invoices in paystatus
  • Check for temporary errors before pending
  • Improve detection of pending CLN payments
  • Filter configs with no min wallet balance for notifications
  • Reconnect to CLN subscription error on interval
  • Retry SQLITE_BUSY error
  • Detect open invoice with only cancelled HTLCs
  • Minor prometheus metric typo
  • Payment error handling (#417)
  • Handling of pending HTLCs for expired invoices (#419)
  • Minor adjustments for RSK compatibility
  • CI Docker build workflow
  • Commit version in Docker image build
  • Default metrics to 0
  • Logging of InjectedProvider

For a complete list of changes and updates see:

Boltz Web App v1.1.2 updates

Boltz Web app had a couple of minor updates focusing on bug fixes and miscellaneous tasks.

  • Invoice validation (#282)
  • Check fee amount instead of pair hash (#283)


  • Change calculated send/receive amount on fee update (#285)
  • Save selected send/receive asset in localstorage (#288)

Miscellaneous Tasks

  • V1.1.1 changelog
  • Trivial dependency updates
  • Remove unused i18n check
  • Update i18n
  • Decimals handling for 0.000 (#287)
  • Release v1.1.2 preparation


  • Remove usages of deprecated createStorageSignal
  • Switch to @bitcoinerlab/secp256k1
  • Only claim from inside swapchecker (#284)

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