Boltz Client v2.0.0: Swap Client for Automated, Cheap CLN & LND Channel Rebalancing

"Today we are excited to launch Boltz Client, a swap client for Lightning node runners that connects to CLN or LND nodes and allows for automated, unfairly cheap channel rebalancing," announced the project.

Boltz Client v2.0.0: Swap Client for Automated, Cheap CLN & LND Channel Rebalancing
  • "Today we are making Boltz Client available to the general public. Big shout-out to our newest team member Jackstar who brought Boltz Client to life."
"Boltz Client is based on Boltz LND and written in go. Boltz LND was our go-to swap client for LND runners est 2020. It was built for a very simple purpose: let LND runners swap Lightning and the Bitcoin mainchain on demand to rebalance channels."
  • "Initially, Boltz LND was a standalone CLI-based client, but later it was integrated in UI-based tools like the popular Ride The Lightning node management software."
"This release marks a major update for boltz-lnd, rebranding to boltz-client as now multiple lightning node implementations (currently CLN & LND) are supported."
  • "This release of boltz-client is backwards compatible with the latest boltz-lnd release and the migration is expected to run smoothly. To be on the safe side, you can back up your ~/.boltz-lnd folder before performing the upgrade. Do not start the migration if you still still having pending swaps."
"We estimate Boltz LND to be running on 1k+ Lightning nodes today. All these will be able to seamlessly upgrade to Boltz Client in the coming weeks."
  • "Docs are available here and you can grab the latest release here."
  • "We acknowledge that perfection is elusive, and Boltz Client is no exception. We value your feedback, bug reports, and feature requests, which can be shared through GitHubXNostr, or our Discord server!"

Key features

  • CLN-first: first-class citizen support for CLN in addition to LND;
  • Liquid-first: optimized UX for channel rebalancing using Liquid swaps;
  • Taproot-first: full support of Taproot Swaps and Boltz API v2;
  • Integrated Liquid & mainchain wallets: create, import & swap to cold wallets;
  • Autoswap: fine-grained control for automated channel rebalancing;
  • Backward compatible: Upgrade from Boltz LND.
  • boltz-client is available on linux for amd64 and arm64 architectures. If you are on another platform, you can run the docker image.

What's Next

  • "Release full CLN support for Boltz Swaps in RTL, deploy to Umbrel, Start9 etc."
  • "Taproot-based L-BTC/BTC ⛓️-to-⛓️ swaps, which will allow Autoswap to unleash Liquid’s full potential for channel rebalancing by periodically moving funds back to the Bitcoin mainchain either based on amount accumulated in Liquid or based on the current Bitcoin mainchain miner fee level."
  • "A UI. We are aware that, while powerful, CLI is not for everyone. That’s why we started working on a native UI for Boltz Client with a tailored UX for rebalancing nodes and controlling Autoswap."

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