Blockstream Jade Now Turns Into A Bitcoin Miner

Blockstream Jade can be used as a bitcoin miner, however this feature is solely for fun.

Blockstream Jade Now Turns Into A Bitcoin Miner
  • The odds of mining a block with Jade are extraordinarily low and you should not expect to earn any bitcoin by following the instructions below.
  • This feature is best for using Jade as a lottery miner, for educational purposes, or as a way to track the current bitcoin block height on your Jade.
  • This feature can be accessed without initializing Jade and without accessing a wallet.

Mining with Jade

  1. Upgrade your Blockstream Jade to a miner supported firmware using the following link. You can switch back to a non-miner supported firmware here.
  2. Visit the companion webpage and plug in your Blockstream Jade. You will need to use a browser that supports Web Serial such as Chrome. Then, enter the address you would like to mine to and click Start.
  3. Your Jade will then begin mining automatically, there is no need to initialize your device or access a wallet. You can then view the current block height and your hash rate on Jade, as well as the block reward and address your bitcoin will be sent to if you mine a block.

Jade will stop mining once it is rebooted or once it receives another message from a companion wallet or device. If you unplug Jade without turning off, it will continue hashing but it will not be connected to a node and the block height will no longer update.

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