Blixt Wallet v0.6.9: Simple Taproot Channels, Persistent Mode & More

Blixt Wallet is an open source Lightning Bitcoin Wallet for Android and iOS with focus on usability and user experience. Powered by LND and the Bitcoin SPV client Neutrino under the hood.

Blixt Wallet v0.6.9: Simple Taproot Channels, Persistent Mode & More
Source: Bitcoin Design.
  • "This release has a lot of goodies, such as Simple Taproot Channels support, new robust Tor implementation for Android and support for a bunch of new languages."
  • "With the new Persistent Mode on Android you can keep Blixt Wallet running all the time in the background."

What's changed


  • Updated to lnd 0.17.1 rc3.
  • Speedloader has been improved with support for bsdiff patches. This means you won't have to download the full channel database for each sync, resulting in speedier syncs.
  • Zero confirmation channels is now supported on Dunder LSP!
  • Added support Simple Taproot Channels for manual channel openings. Simple Taproot Channels will be enabled for Dunder LSP too in the near future.
  • Chain filter syncing should be substantially faster, as a part of Neutrino performance improvements in lnd 0.17.0.
  • New languages! We have support for 12 new languages: Czech, Danish, Finnish, Hindi, Korean, Norwegian, Persian, Romanian, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Swahili and Kenyan Swahili.
  • Changed the camera lib to react-native-vision-camera. This camera lib should be more performant and offers faster QR code scanning.
  • Receiving onchain via Taproot is enabled by default and the setting for it has been removed. Long-press on the "Generate address" button to generate a SegWit address.
  • Upgraded react-native to version 0.72.6. This has resulted in faster startup times.
  • Added the ability to set a custom preimage for invoices. Enable this feature in settings.
  • Added the ability to set outgoing channel when paying an invoice.
  • Added the ability to change speedloader server.
  • Added "Force close delay" information to Lightning channel info boxes.
  • Increase recovery window to 500 addresses when recovering wallets. Blixt could previously sometimes miss recovering funds.
  • Fix a bug where payment duration information on payments would be reset after app restart.
  • Added the ability to delete neutrino files.
  • Added log screen for speedloader.
  • Added the ability to export the speedloader log.


  • New Tor implementation! This new implementation should be much more robust and reliable.
  • Persistent Mode. In this mode, Blixt Wallet and lnd will run persistently in the background. This can be useful for when you're awaiting payments.

    - This also lets you always keep in sync with the Bitcoin chain, make spontaneous payments really quick.
    - In the near future, we will allow Lightning Address support for any user running Persistent Mode, via the service Lightning Box.
    - Note: This may affect your battery life depending on the device. Experiment with this new feature and let us know your experience.
  • We now explicitly only build for arm64-v8a. This has resulted in slightly smaller APK sizes.
  • Fixed scheduled background job not closing down properly.
  • Fixed LndMobileCenter not working.
  • App now targets Android 13 (SDK 34).


  • There is hidden support for "LNURL-pay forwarding" via bLIP-TBD, used in Lightning Box.


Thank you to all code contributors and translators working on this release.

  • Hampus Sjöberg
  • Nitesh Balusu
  • Kevin Cai
  • DarthCoin
  • Blixt community

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