Blink Wallet v2.2.209 Released

Blink is a free and open source custodial 'everyday Bitcoin wallet' focused on speed, reliability and ease of use. Available on Android and iOS.

Blink Wallet v2.2.209 Released
  • "Blink version 2.2.209 is rolling out today; it will be the final release of the year. Download it:"
  • Learn more about Blink wallet by reading this quick review by @Natalia.
  • Due to regulatory restrictions, Blink is not offering any services for users from the following countries: Azerbaijan, Belarus, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Iran, Iraq, Russia, Syria, Sri Lanka, Uzbekistan, United States, North Korea.


  • In 2023, Blink (ex-Bitcoin Beach Wallet) has added the following new and improved features:
    • NFC contactless payments: pay to Blink with @bolt_card, @bitcoin_ring and other NFC devices.
    • Transaction batching for fee savings: "Blink's on-chain fees are highly competitive, thanks in part to the open source infrastructure from @galoymoney, allowing us to efficiently batch on-chain transactions."
      • "We've also introduced 'High Fee' alerts to help you avoid accidentally overpaying in high-fee environments."
    • 2FA – Two Factor Authentication: ability to lock down your Blink account with two-factor authentication (TOTP).
    • 20 new lessons: "The best way to onboard people to Bitcoin is education. Welcome people with our Earn section. Drop a note if you want to help translate it!"
    • BlinkAPI – Build apps & integrations: "A powerful, cost-effective, and reliable solution for integrating Bitcoin into your projects, without having to worry about liquidity and channel management."
    • Buy & Sell Bitcoin: "Off-ramp and On-ramp now available in El Salvador. ransfer with Bank Account. Try it out: Tap the “Price” button in the top-left of home screen."
    • Notification settings: "Customize your mobile alerts to suit your preferences."
    • Blink Circles: "Circles makes it easy to track your onboarding progress and earn rewards for boosting Bitcoin adoption with Blink."
      • "Get ready for our January Circles challenge! Grow your outer circle by 10 in January for a chance at $100!"
    • Point of Sale web app (receive only).
    • LNURL Paycodes: "Accept Bitcoin effortlessly at your business or receive Lightning tips! Set up a QR code or permanent Lightning Address for seamless transactions. Paycode is interoperable across various Lightning wallets."
    • 20+ languages and counting. "Choose from over 20 wallet language options. Danish recently added, and Hungarian in progress. Drop a note if you’d like to help maintain or add a language."

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