BitMEX Renews Sjors Provoost's Bitcoin Developer Grant

"BitMEX has extended Sjors Provoost’s Bitcoin developer grant until November 2023, a six month extension from the previous grant. This is the fourth consecutive time BitMEX has provided Sjors a grant, over a three year period."

BitMEX Renews Sjors Provoost's Bitcoin Developer Grant
"I really appreciate being able to continue to work on Bitcoin Core, both by contributing my own code as well as by helping to move other exciting projects forward through review and testing – which is always a bottleneck. Thanks once again to BitMEX for supporting this in a very hands-off manner, which allows me to remain as independent as possible in my contributions," Sjors Provoost said.
  • Besides Sjors Provoost, BitMEX also funds developers Rene Pickhardt, who is focusing on the Lightning Network, and Chris Coverdale, who is focusing on StratumV2. A full list of active Bitcoin developer grants issued by BitMEX can be found here.