BitMask v0.6.0 Beta: Mainnet Support, Taproot, RGB, Carbonado

BitMask is a browser extension that allows users to access decentralized applications on the Bitcoin blockchain using protocols like RGB.

BitMask v0.6.0 Beta: Mainnet Support, Taproot, RGB, Carbonado
  • BitMask "enables you to discover and explore Bitcoin’s Unique Digital Assets UDAs (NFTs), Bitcoin Finance, and other assets. By using BitMask, you can experience true financial sovereignty and take control of your Bitcoin and Lightning Network Wallet with Taproot-enabled features."
  • "It also allows users to access different types of assets and smart contracts on the Bitcoin blockchain and also off-chain on the Lightning Network, providing a more versatile experience."
  • "The BitMask extension and web wallet, features Lightning support, Taproot support, QR scanning support, RGB 0.10, RGB assets and UDAs, browser notifications, PayJoin for invoices, Carbonado, and more."

Explaining how different parts of the wallet work under the hood, its developer @cryptoquick said:

  • Lightning: "We run our own LNDHubX server in the cloud, though we're working to add Fedimint support to BitMask Core, and RGB support for Fedimint."
  • Does trading digital assets require an account? "Yes. We're working on a NIP for Passwordless Authentication, and plan to transition the marketplace to using Nostr."
  • On Carbonado being used as an IPFS-like storage system: "Carbonado is structured more similarly to the Nostr relay system, but essentially, yes, the intent is to store RGB21 content there. We're finishing up the Carbonado Node now. Currently Carbonado is only used for E2EE of RGB contracts kept within the wallet, since the actual contract data is kept offchain, the only thing onchain is the cryptographic commitment needed to anchor mutable contract data against a single UTXO."

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