Bitkit Wallet Officially Launched on App Stores

"Synonym is proud to announce that Bitkit, its self-custodial Bitcoin wallet, is now moving from beta testing to general availability on the app stores."

Bitkit Wallet Officially Launched on App Stores
  • "Today, iOS and Android users can install Bitkit, which combines a sophisticated, user-friendly interface with the security of self-custody and the speed of the Lightning Network," announced Synonym.
"We’re proud to finally launch Bitkit as the ultimate Bitcoin toolkit. Your keys. Your coins. No banks. All in a sleek app with modern features," said John Carvalho, CEO of Synonym.
  • Over the past months, user feedback has been guiding Bitkit’s development, leading to bug fixes and usability improvements. Additionally, the Bitkit team is working with leading Bitcoin companies to establish interoperable standards for Lightning Service Providers (LSPs).
"If you're a beta user, transfer your spending balance to savings before entering your recovery phrase on the new app. Once you have no funds left in your spending balance, you can proceed to restore your wallet on Bitkit v1.0," the company said on X.

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