Bitkit v1.0.0-beta.46: UI Improvements & Bug Fixes

Bitkit offers a Bitcoin wallet that supports both on-chain and Lightning transactions, as well as additional features powered by Slashtags. Available on Android and iOS, implemented using React-Native.

Bitkit v1.0.0-beta.46: UI Improvements & Bug Fixes
  • "Bitkit runs a custom, non-routing Lightning node created with the Lightning Development Kit on the user's mobile phone. It requires a connection to an external server running a Bitcoin full node and an Electrum server."
  • "We automatically on-board users to Lightning through the integration of our lightning service provider (LSP) Blocktank."
  • "Developers can also create their own LSP using Blocktank. In the future, we will support users to connect to their own Lightning and Bitcoin nodes, select different types of LSPs, couple hardware wallets, and manage their own Lightning channels."
  • "The other main features Bitkit supports are the creation of social profiles; the importing and managing of contacts; dynamic payment profiles; key-based account logins; and the display of public data feeds and private account data through in-application widgets," powered by Slashtags - an open-source protocol for creating secure and scalable peer-to-peer applications."
  • "The Slashtags protocol allows for the creation of cryptographic keypairs, known as "slashtags", derived from the same BIP-39 seed as the user's Bitcoin wallet. All Slashtags data is exchanged within a Kademlia-based distributed hash table system."

What's Changed

  • "We've simplified the onboarding process to the Lightning Network by abstracting details related to reserve balance and receiving capacity limits. This makes it easier for you to set up instant payments."
  • "We've fixed an issue that caused transfers from spending to the savings balance to get stuck when on-chain transaction fees get volatile."
  • "Your recovery phrase is not the only piece of information that needs to be backed up. You also need backups of your connections, transaction log, contacts, etc. We were already managing these backups for you, but now we also show you their status and allow manual retries if needed."
  • "We've refined the number pad to make it more user-friendly, enabling smoother input of the amounts you want to send and receive."

Bug Fixes

New Features




Full Changelog: v1.0.0-beta43...v1.0.0-beta46

Disclaimer: Beta software may put your money at risk. Use only small amounts.

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