Bitcoin Core v25.1: Bug Fixes, Improvements, Updated Translations

Bitcoin Core v25.1 is now available for download.

Bitcoin Core v25.1: Bug Fixes, Improvements, Updated Translations

Notable changes


  • #27626 Parallel compact block downloads, take 3
  • #27743 p2p: Unconditionally return when compact block status == READ_STATUS_FAILED


  • #27622 Fee estimation: avoid serving stale fee estimate


  • #27727 rpc: Fix invalid bech32 address handling


  • #27853 rest: fix crash error when calling /deploymentinfo
  • #28551 http: bugfix: allow server shutdown in case of remote client disconnection


  • #28038 wallet: address book migration bug fixes
  • #28067 descriptors: do not return top-level only funcs as sub descriptors
  • #28125 wallet: bugfix, disallow migration of invalid scripts
  • #28542 wallet: Check for uninitialized last processed and conflicting heights in MarkConflicted


  • #27724 build: disable boost multi index safe mode in debug mode
  • #28097 depends: xcb-proto 1.15.2
  • #28543 build, macos: Fix qt package build with new Xcode 15 linker
  • #28571 depends: fix unusable memory_resource in macos qt build


  • gui#751 macOS, do not process actions during shutdown


  • #28452 Do not use std::vector = {} to release memory


  • #27777 ci: Prune dangling images on RESTART_CI_DOCKER_BEFORE_RUN
  • #27834 ci: Nuke Android APK task, Use credits for tsan
  • #27844 ci: Use podman stop over podman kill
  • #27886 ci: Switch to amd64 container in "ARM" task


Thanks to everyone who directly contributed to this release:

  • Abubakar Sadiq Ismail
  • Andrew Chow
  • Bruno Garcia
  • Gregory Sanders
  • Hennadii Stepanov
  • MacroFake
  • Matias Furszyfer
  • Michael Ford
  • Pieter Wuille
  • stickies-v
  • Will Clark
  • As well as to everyone that helped with translations on Transifex.

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