Bisq 2 v0.0.7: Test Release

Bisq 2 is the successor to the original Bisq (Bisq v1). It has been developed from the ground up to allow for multiple trade protocols to be accessed via a single decentralized exchange platform.

Bisq 2 v0.0.7: Test Release
  • "We released a test-release of the Bisq 2 software for the ones who cannot build from source! Feel free to check out what Bisq2 will look like at launch."

DISCLAIMER: "This is just a test release for communication and testing purposes. DO NOT use this release and connect your Bitcoin Mainnet wallet!"

  • "Why Bisq 2? Bisq 2 introduces a range of trade protocols, each with its unique advantages and tradeoffs. This diversity empowers users to select protocols aligning with their preferences – considering factors such as convenience, security, miner costs, trade fees, privacy, and available support. Users can seamlessly access and switch between these protocols, tailoring their experience for different trades."
  • "Bisq 2 prioritizes maintaining data privacy through robust measures. Bisq 2 upholds user data privacy similarly to Bisq 1 by eliminating registration, employing Tor hidden services, avoiding central servers, and encrypting data for exclusive visibility to trading partners."
  • "Bisq 2 will allow Multiple identities. In contrast to Bisq 1, which utilized a single onion address and key pair as a user's identity, Bisq 2 introduces the flexibility of creating multiple identities."
"This enhancement provides users with greater control and improved privacy. Users can opt for the utmost convenience by employing a single global identity for all interactions (similar to Bisq 1), or they can choose to have separate identities for each trade and chat room, allowing for a spectrum of privacy options in between, such as distinct identities for fiat and altcoin trades."
  • "At the initial launch of Bisq 2 will support only one trading protocol 'Bisq Easy'. Over time more trading protocols will be added."
"Bisq Easy was designed for new Bitcoin users who have not yet purchased Bitcoin and thererfor cannot use Bisq 1 due the requirements of the security deposit. A lot of effort was put into making it as simple to use as possible."
  • "Once the Bisq Multisig protocol is implemented in Bisq 2, the old version of Bisq can fade out. Bisq 1will still find its usage as Bisq DAO management tool and for BSQ-BTC trading."
  • "Similar to Bisq v1, Bisq 2 will be a decentralized bitcoin exchange that allows anyone to buy and sell bitcoin in exchange for national currencies or other cryptocurrencies."
  • "Stay tuned for the launch of Bisq 2 soon."
  • Learn more about Bisq 2 here.

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