BDK v1.0.0-alpha8 Released

The BDK libraries aims to provide well engineered and reviewed components for Bitcoin based applications. The Bitcoin Dev Kit developers are in the process of releasing a v1.0 which is a fundamental re-write of how the library works.

BDK v1.0.0-alpha8 Released
  • "This incremental bi-weekly release migrates API to use the rust-bitcoin FeeRate type, fixes PSBT finalization to remove extra taproot fields, and fixes blockchain scanning stop_gap definition and documentation."
  • "We recommend all 1.0.0-alpha users upgrade to this release."

What's new


  • Remove extra taproot fields when finalizing PSBT #1310
  • Define and document stop_gap #1351


  • Migrate to bitcoin::FeeRate #1216
  • chore: extract TestEnv into separate crate #1171

What's Changed

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