Arcade v0.2.0-beta: Blinded DMs

"We're probably a few months away from this feeling like a very solid drop-in replacement to Telegram, but that is what we're working toward - and all on the open & uncensorable network of Nostr," the project's team said.

Arcade v0.2.0-beta: Blinded DMs
  • "We are thrilled to announce the newest update for Arcade - v0.2.0-beta, codenamed "Upgrades". This release brings a host of exciting features and improvements to our platform."
  • "The app is quite buggy and not fully "usable" for day-to-day chat but we're getting there. Thank you for your patience and bug reports."
  • "There's a number of minor bugs we're smoothing out and will do a few minor updates this week focused on fixing those."
  • "As we have moved to using new encrypted device storage, your previous group channel memberships are no longer stored, so you will need to rejoin any public channels."
  • "We're working on documentation of the new features like blinded DMs. Read more about our approach to privacy in our draft NIP-112 which Arcade is the first Nostr client to implement."
  • "Reminder: this is a (mostly) working Nostr chat app with *no backend* except for Nostr relays - and all code is open-source here."

What's new

  • Blinded DMs. "As a step towards strengthening your privacy, we have introduced Blinded DMs. With this feature, we ensure no metadata leaks occur and the messages are plausibly deniable too. Rest assured that your private conversations stay truly private."
  • Avatar Upload. "Want to show off your unique personality? You can now upload your avatar directly from the Edit Profile screen. This will give you the ability to personalize your profile with your favorite image."
  • Video Player Integration. "Watching videos just got easier with our new in-app video player. Enjoy seamless playback without leaving the app."
  • Link Preview. "We've added link previews to make your conversations more engaging and informative. Now, whenever you share a link, a preview will be generated automatically so that your friends can get a glimpse of what it's about."
  • Privacy Settings Screen. "To provide more control over your privacy, we have added a dedicated Privacy Settings screen. Customize your settings to ensure you're sharing only what you're comfortable with."
  • NIP-05 Names. "New to the Arcade? From this release, your gets registered automatically when you sign in, making the sign-in process smoother and faster."
  • Push Notifications (Android Only). "Never miss an important message again. We have introduced optional push notifications for DMs. Please note that this feature is currently available for Android users only."
  • Secret Follows. "With this release, you can secretly follow someone without them knowing. The details of your secret follows are added to your 10003 encrypted contacts store, keeping your activities confidential."
  • Private Chat Groups. "Experience a new level of privacy in group chats. We have introduced private chat groups that are metadata blind, further enhancing your privacy."
  • Performance Enhancements. "We have made various performance improvements to ensure a smoother, faster Arcade experience."

Full Changelog: v0.1.3-beta...v0.2.0-beta

  • Download for Android using the APK at the bottom of this post (under "Assets").
  • Download for iOS by joining our TestFlight here. v0.2.0 may take 1-2 days for iOS approval.

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