Aqua Wallet v0.1.30: Botev Mode

Aqua Wallet is a free and open-source mobile Bitcoin, Lightning, Liquid and Tether wallet. Available on Android and iOS.

Aqua Wallet v0.1.30: Botev Mode
  • "JAN3 is proud to announce a new partnership with @botev_en, the world's first top division Bitcoin football club!"
  • "This team-up will see Botev sport our logo on their jerseys, and starting today @AquaBitcoin is adding a new "Botev Mode" for fans and Bitcoiners alike to enjoy."
"We believe combining football and Bitcoin's transformative power will bring the two closer, helping over 100,000 Botev fans and all Bulgarians take their first steps down the rabbit hole, while also broadening the reach of the Botev brand for every Bitcoin enthusiast and sports fan out there."

What's new

  • Enabling Botev Mode!
  • Users can see a more detailed breakdown of @sideshiftai fees.
  • Improved Lightning ⚡️ transaction claims.
  • More information regarding your Liquid 🌊 peg-in and peg-out Swap transactions.

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