Anser: Liquid Companion for Alby

Anser is a free and open-source client-side web app that uses the Alby extension's Liquid integration to provide a simple interface to the Liquid Network.

Anser: Liquid Companion for Alby
  • "Anser functions as a client-side wallet, safeguarding your privacy by never requiring direct access to your private key. Instead, it delegates the task of transaction signing to the Alby Browser Extension, ensuring that your private key stays securely stored on your device."
  • "To get started, simply add a master key to your Alby Extension. It is used to derive a key to sign Liquid transactions - so don’t forget to back it up. Now, all you need to do is to launch and connect to Anser."
  • Anser also works as a progressive web app that can be easily installed on your device, providing a native app experience. Alternatively, you can utilize it directly within your browser or even host your own instance .

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