Amethyst v0.87.2: DVMs and Gossip Model

Amethyst is a free and open source Nostr client for Android.

Amethyst v0.87.2: DVMs and Gossip Model
  • Amethyst v0.87.2 has been released. "This version adds support for Data Vending Machines for content discovery. You can request a job by simply navigating to the 4th tab and choosing one of the DVMs," announced developer Vitor Pamplona.
"It also starts our support for the Inbox/Gossip model. The relay setup screen has been rewritten to support the many types of relays Amethyst will start to use. Please add your relays as you see fit."
  • "Our video caching system has been improved. Most of the high-bandwidth use of the app in the last month has been due to a faulty caching system for some video types. The app was just downloading them at every playback. In a similar way, the caching system for encrypted events has been massively improved. The app should feel visibly lighter at this point."
"If you generated your keys from NIP-06 seed words you can now type them on the login screen to start the app. We are not generating seeds yet, but this will be available in the upcoming versions."
  • "We are also moving to deprecate and remove most of the NIP-04 usage in the app. In the future, users won't be able to send new NIP-04 DMs but the history of past DMs will be available for as long as we can support it," added the developer.

What's new

  • Adds support for NIP-90, data vending machines.
  • Adds support for discovery content DVMs in the discovery tab.
  • Adds support for paid DVMs.
  • Adds support for NIP-06 seed word key derivation (bip32 and bip39) when logging in.
  • Adds support for NIP-65 relay lists.
  • Adds support for NIP-17 private DM relay lists.
  • Adds support for private relay lists to save Draft events.
  • Adds support for local relays as a separate relay set, saving locally only.
  • Adds message + dialog to setup Search relays when searching.
  • Adds message + dialog to setup DM relays when messaging.
  • Adds signString method for Amber.
  • Prefers NIP-65 relays for zap request relay tags.
  • Prepares for NIP-96 server list integration.
  • Adds paste from clipboard button to NWC screen.
  • Moves video compressing quality to medium instead of low.
  • Adds recommended amounts for the Zap the Devs.
  • Reduces default zap amounts due to the change of Bitcoin price.
  • Allows the new post's relay selection dialog to pick any relays (instead of just writing relays).
  • Improves Zap efficiency for large zap splits.
  • Adds a queue of commands while the relay connects.
  • Makes sure only one connection per URL is made when doing splits.
  • Removes unnecessary Amber calls when decrypting private zaps.
  • Improves Zap error messages to include the lnaddress of the error.
  • Displays Zap Split error messages in sequence instead of in multiple popups.

For a complete list of bug fixes, performance and code quality improvements, and updates translations, see the full release notes here.

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