Amethyst v0.32.1 Released: NIP-69 Polls

Amethyst is a free and open source Nostr client for Android devices.

Amethyst v0.32.1 Released: NIP-69 Polls

Release v0.32.0: Polls

  • Adds NIP 69 (Polls) support by @npub1mgxvsg25hh6vazl5zl4295h6nx4xtjtvw7r86ejklnxmlrncrvvqdrffa5
  • Adds Show QR option to Profile screen by @npub1gcxzte5zlkncx26j68ez60fzkvtkm9e0vrwdcvsjakxf9mu9qewqlfnj5z

Release v0.32.1: Poll fixes and updates

  • Adds payment animation to polls
  • Removes the 5dp space on the generic RichText Viewer
  • Adds margin between the reply note and the text
  • Fixes margins when images are used in the poll
  • Fixes Voted option highlight
  • Fixes format
  • Makes sure before and after voting the padding is the same
  • Fixes Poll Color for Light mode

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