Alby Extension v2.0.0: Significant UI Upgrades

Alby is a Bitcoin Lightning and Nostr browser extension that connects to different wallet interfaces, including personal nodes. It let's users manage their payments and authentication flows on the web.

Alby Extension v2.0.0: Significant UI Upgrades
  • "This is the biggest release of the Alby Extension ever!"
  • "We're proud to announce that this update has brought on board more contributors than ever before and is packed with countless enhancements and updates. In fact, the changes are so extensive that we've decided it's time for a major version update!"

What's new

  • Amazing new UI upgrades - thanks to all the great feedback that we got!
  • Greatly improved onboarding UIs making it easier to get started (especially great for self-hosted node runners).
  • New account management features.
  • Updated to web extension manifest v3.

Noteable changes

New Contributors

Full Changelog: v1.28.1...v2.0.0

  • "A big shout out and thanks to the incredible Alby user community and the great feedback that helped shape this update!"

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