Block 766474: Weekly Digest - Important News of the Week

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Block 766474: Weekly Digest - Important News of the Week

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  • Core Lightning v22.11: new plugin manager, filter API, and more
  • This Month in Bitcoin Privacy: November 2022
  • Digital Currency Group Owes Gemini Users $900M Amid Genesis Insolvency
  • Encrypted Messaging Platform 'Threema' Rolls Out New Communication Protocol 'Ibex'
  • BDK v0.25.0: Improved Sync Time
  • Strike Launches New Remittance Feature: Easy Low Cost Payments to Kenya, Ghana, and Nigeria
  • African Bitcoin Mining Firm 'Gridless' Raises $2M in Funding Led by Block, Inc. and Stillmark
  • Ledger Announces New Hardware Wallet: Ledger Stax
  • The Financial Times Reveals FTX's Full $5.4 Billion Venture Portfolio
  • Public Letter from Silvergate CEO Alan Lane
  • Bitcoin Optech #229
  • Zoltan Pozsar of Credit Suisse: Oil, Gold, and LCLo(SP)R
  • Legends of Lightning Tournament Announces Winners
  • Tor Browser v12.0: Better Multi-Language Support, Native Apple Silicon Support, and More
  • The Effective Altruism Movement Launched SBF's Empire: Complicit in Fraud

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