Zeus Wallet Opened Two New Bounties

The Zeus team is putting up the tasks listed below for bounty. Working code must be merged for a user to collect the bounty.

Zeus Wallet Opened Two New Bounties

Core Lightning: Commando/lnmessage connection

  • Payout: 4,000,000 sats (0.04 BTC).
  • "Currently, Zeus supports remote connections to Core Lightning (CLN) through c-lightning-REST and Spark. We'd like for users to connect to CLN nodes using the Commando and lnmessage. We've made some pretty good progress on this branch that you can use but we are having issues getting the socket to work. lnmessage has params for socket and tcpSocket that you should be able to configure and override."

Point of Sale: Clover integration

  • Payout: 1,500,000 sats (0.015 BTC).
  • "Currently, the Zeus point of sale only works in tandem with the Square terminal API. We would like to expand support to Clover terminals. Check out the docs for the Clover REST API."

To inquire about status of a bounty, to contribute to a bounty, or to propose a new bounty please email zeusln@tutanota.com.

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