Zeus v0.9.0-alpha8: Layout Changes, Pending HTLCs View & More

ZEUS is a mobile Bitcoin and Lightning wallet, and a remote node manager for LND and Core Lightning. Available on Android and iOS.

Zeus v0.9.0-alpha8: Layout Changes, Pending HTLCs View & More
  • "ZEUS v0.9.0-alpha8 is now rolling out to community sponsors," announced Zeus Wallet.
"Want to join the test group? SUPPORT ZEUS and become a community sponsor here."

What's new

  • Layout changes: Our settings menu is now split into three new views, including a new Tools view.
  • Pending HTLCs view.
  • Neutrino: auto-select peers on wallet creation.
  • BC-UR: parse crypto-account data (enables support for Keystone hardware wallets).

Other v0.9.0 features:

  • New LSP service: Purchase channels in advance (LSPS1)
  • Watch-only account import (xpub)
  • Hardware wallet / signing device support
  • Batch channel opens + txs
  • Close channels to external addresses
  • BOLT 12 offers + LN addresses (c-lightning-REST only)
  • LND v0.18.0-beta
  • Neutrino: high latency environment optimizations
  • New camera
  • Layout + navigation improvements

"More features will be released throughout the closed alpha program," added the developer.

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