Zeus v0.8.0-alpha60 Rolled Out to Testers

"We are targeting an open beta next week. Stay tuned."

Zeus v0.8.0-alpha60 Rolled Out to Testers
  • "We already implemented Nostr for our self custodial Lightning address service, ZEUS PAY. We use it for: 1) Zaplocker attestations that keep our LSP in check; 2) Notifications, if you don’t want to use push notifications."
  • "Nostr infused contact book next. Standard contact book is in v0.8.0. Targeting Nostr enhancements in v0.8.1."
  • Check out this guide on how to create your first embedded LND Node with ZEUS PAY by The Bullish Bitcoiner.

What's new

  • Improved display of seed on the Back up wallet view;
  • ZEUS PAY enhancements;
  • Bug fixes.

Additional info for v0.8.0 iOS testers

  • "Due to our new developer account, all settings and configured wallets and remote nodes will be lost when upgrading to ZEUS v0.8.0-alpha61 (build 61)."
  • "If you're using the new embedded node, it's recommended you close your channels and wait for them to settle before proceeding. Before joining the new TestFlight you should also uninstall your old instance of ZEUS, and remove the old TestFlight instance from your TestFlight app."
  • Android users are unaffected.

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