Satlantis: You Can Now Play Word's Most Popular Game Minecraft and Earn Bitcoin

Satlantis is a custom and free Minecraft server infused with Bitcoin. It distributes daily Bitcoin rewards, and players can deposit and withdraw sats to and from the game.

Satlantis: You Can Now Play Word's Most Popular Game Minecraft and Earn Bitcoin
  • "Introducing @PlaySatlantis, where you can earn real bitcoin in the world's most popular game. All powered by the ZEBEDEE API," announced ZEBEDEE.

    - Satlantis is a custom Minecraft server that we’ve infused with Bitcoin.
    - The server shares all its ad revenue with the players.
    - Compete for over 150,000+ sats in rewards every day.
    - Use Bitcoin to buy land or trade with players, or withdraw to ZBD any time.
"Satlantis is a custom Minecraft server where you can earn actual Bitcoin rewards, use them in-game to claim chunks of land, buy resources or equipment and trade or barter with other players on the server. Or simply withdraw them to the ZBD app and use them around the world – it’s real money!"
  • "Dive into a one of a kind survival multiplayer experience with
    BedWars, Elytra Racing, and more. All the revenue that Satlantis generates is shared with players using the first of its kind Proof-of-Play system," states the Satlantis website.
  • "With just a couple of one-liner commands, you can get real money flowing in – and out of the game:

    - /deposit [number] – Deposit sats into the game from your ZBD app.
    - withdraw [number] – Cash out to a Lightning Address or your ZBD Gamertag.
    - /pay [player_name] – Pay another player in the game."
  • The server can be found at:, while its Discord server can be found here.

In other recent news, ZEBEDEE recently partnered with Beamable to simplify Bitcoin integration for game developers.

  • "The partnership not only simplifies the integration of bitcoin transactions but also expands the resources available to developers. Beamable will be available in ZEBEDEE's marketplace, while ZEBEDEE's solution will be accessible in Beamable's marketplace."
  • "This symbiotic relationship allows game developers from both communities to seamlessly incorporate bitcoin transactions and server-side features into their games, streamlining the game development process."
  • "We’re thrilled that developers can now easily implement server-side features without the knowledge of server-side coding, enabling them to effortlessly add bitcoin transactions to their games," André Neves, co-founder and CTO of ZEBEDEE, was quoted as saying.

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