ZEBEDEE Integrates ZBD App with Nostr

The move will allow Zebedee users to seamlessly transition between the ZBD app and other applications on Nostr, potentially boosting adoption for both the protocol and the app.

ZEBEDEE Integrates ZBD App with Nostr
  • "We're dropping this game-changing update to the ZBD app, bringing a whole new social media scene to the party using the Nostr communication protocol," stated the company in a blog post.
  • The move will eventually let Zebedee’s users seamlessly leave the ZBD app to any of the dozens of applications now available on Nostr.
  • Nostr protocol could also supercharge ZBD adoption by letting any of the registered Nostr users join the app.
“The ZBD app is now a Nostr client with full capabilities,” said ZEBEDEE co-founder and CTO, Andre Neves.
  • Now in alpha, users can sign up for a waitlist for early access to the new ZBD app.
  • The app was created by Zebedee's open-source wing NBD.

Key features

  • "The ZBD app now features a social network built on Nostr."
  • "Send zaps, tiny amounts of Bitcoin, to give your social interactions real value."
  • "Enjoy advanced security and privacy with end-to-end encrypted messages." Editors note: although the contents of Nostr Direct Messages are encrypted, anyone can see who you're talking to."
  • "Fuse finance, gaming, entertainment and shopping in one app."

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