Xapo Bank Enables Bitcoin Deposits via the Lightning Network

Gibraltar-regulated Xapo Bank has enabled Bitcoin deposits for its customers via the Lightning Network building on its partnership with Lightspark.

Xapo Bank Enables Bitcoin Deposits via the Lightning Network
  • With this development, Xapo has become the first fully licensed bank to support bitcoin deposits via the Lightning Network.
"We believe in the Lightning Network’s future as the primary avenue for bitcoin transactions, especially for daily, small-scale exchanges. Not only can members spend their bitcoin as easily as fiat, but they can also maximize their assets’ value through our competitive interest rates without needing to stake, lend or lock up assets," Xapo Bank CEO Seamus Rocca was quoted as saying.
  • "It’s clear that today's bitcoin users seek not only to store their wealth but also to integrate bitcoin into their daily transactions seamlessly. The endorsement of instant bitcoin deposits enabled by a regulated bank marks a significant milestone in global bitcoin acceptance," said Lightspark CEO and co-founder David Marcus.

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