Whirlpool Unspent Capacity Surpasses 10000 BTC

Whirlpool is a zerolink coinjoin implementation created by the Samourai Wallet developer team. It breaks all deterministic links between inputs and outputs and provides the user with market leading postmix spending tools to allow for proper spend hygiene after mixing.

Whirlpool Unspent Capacity Surpasses 10000 BTC
  • "Filterooors in disbelief. 10,000 BTC Whirlpool unspent capacity," wrote @Samourai Wallet on X.
"Celebrate the 10K BTC milestone with us! Use discount code FILTERTHIS and get 50% off all Whirlpool mixing fees for the next week. Valid Dec 31 - Jan 7. See you in the pool!"
  • "Thank you all for helping us reach this important milestone. Onward and upwards."

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