Wavman: Open Source Music Player for Nostr

Wavman is an open-source Nostr client built to showcase the possibilities of interacting with music over relays.

Wavman: Open Source Music Player for Nostr
  • Wavman plugs into a relay, pulls events from that relay, and displays them to the user. The main difference is that Wavman is built to consume and present a very specific kind of event we’ve created that contains information about a piece of music: namely its creator, title, and file location.
  • "The more interesting dimension here is that a Nostr user can interact with these events, much in the same way they do today on social media-style Nostr clients."
  • "This means users can zap and comment on these songs through Wavman and those interactions will be published and shared for everyone to see."
  • "Of course, a developer could easily modify the Wavman client to read from and write to a different relay, or many, or they could change the client to consume a different kind of event entirely…which is what excites us most about the development happening on Nostr today."
  • "We’re putting out Wavman as an open-source project because we want to contribute to the development of more tools for artists and music fans on Nostr."

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