Wasabi Wallet v.2.0.3: Back with Coin Control

Wasabi is an easy to use, privacy-focused, open-source, non-custodial Bitcoin wallet.

Wasabi Wallet v.2.0.3: Back with Coin Control

Release Highlights

  • Taproot coinjoin signing and taproot change outputs
  • Opt-in manual coin control for payments
  • Improved wallet loading speed
  • Native run on mac ARM64 without Rosetta (x64 emulator)
  • Improved dust attack prevention

Release Summary

  • One of the significant updates includes the addition of taproot coinjoin signing and taproot change outputs, the client randomly chooses between segwit v0 and v1 for each output, which enhances privacy and security.
  • The opt-in manual coin control feature that allows users to verify and adjust what the software chooses automatically, users now have more control over their payments.
  • The wallet loading speed has also been improved, ensuring faster wallet access and navigation.
  • The latest version of Wasabi is now fully compatible with native Mac ARM64 without Rosetta, an x64 emulator that helps run apps designed for x86-based systems.
  • Users can now copy text in transaction preview and details, making it easier to share information with others.
  • The update also enhances dust attack prevention, thereby increasing wallet security.
  • The Taproot relevant concepts are now displayed in the UI.
  • The NBitcoin and Tor versions have also been upgraded, improving overall performance and reliability.
  • GitHub vulnerability reporting has been added, making it easier for anyone to privately report vulnerabilities.
  • Lastly, the PGP key's expiry date has been updated to 2028, please download and import this new key block.
  • Wasabi is now fully compatible with Trezor Suite and BTCPayServer coinjoin users, providing them with additional privacy and security features.

Full Changelog: v2.0.2.1...v2.0.3

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