Voltage Introduces Redesign, Teams and Pricing Updates

"As we start 2024, we anticipate a significant increase in network participants for Bitcoin on-chain and the Lightning Network. We’ve made some updates to our platform to prepare for this influx," announced Voltage in a blog post.

Voltage Introduces Redesign, Teams and Pricing Updates
  • "We are excited to release significant updates to our industry-leading Bitcoin development platform."
"First, we significantly updated our dashboard to streamline the experience of using Voltage. Second, we’ve added support for Teams on the platform to allow easy collaboration. Finally, we’ve updated our pricing to better align with our customers."

What's new

  • Dashboard redesign. "Previously, managing your node and viewing your data in Surge were separate experiences. In this update, we’ve combined them into a single dashboard so it’s straightforward to manage your node and see everything happening."
    • "Additional updates include a new place to manage access and bake macaroons, a rebuilt page for logs that includes filters, and an in-line activity feed."
  • Teams. "With this update, you can add additional users to your team, grant them specific types of access, and allow others to view or manage your nodes."
  • Pricing. "With this update, we are transitioning away from the Lite, Standard, and Professional node types we’ve had since the beginning. These will be replaced with small, medium, large, and extra-large node types. Node types will now consume Compute Credits instead of being charged hourly."
    • Compute Credits. "Today’s Lite and Standard nodes consume 2 compute credits, and a Professional Node consumes 10. As we roll out the new types, a Small node is 2 Compute Credits, a Medium node is 10 Compute Credits, a Large node is 30 Compute Credits, and an Extra Large node is 55 Compute Credits."
    • "Over the next several months, we will make all nodes identical in functionality. This means depreciating Neutrino, giving all nodes a clearnet IP address, and enabling all functionality such as Lightning Terminal. We’re making this change to increase the stability of customer nodes and make them easy to understand."
    • API Calls. "An additional vector we’re introducing in the coming months is tracking API Calls. You pay for the extra usage if you surpass your plan’s usage."
    • Plans. "All users can select a plan based on their usage and required features. After you choose a plan, you will get a consistent bill every month that includes all your infrastructure and API usage."

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